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. and two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation to. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for gold beer. cold-a-beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". and they were having great luck fourth donation solicitation. >> this is great. >> the parents of sanchez elementary to a good vantage of the crowd by charging $20. for parking on the schoolyard. that money will help fund a field trip. the $1,500 is what we're hoping. >> and look at the restaurants. gathering to watch the italian heritage parade. the owner of this north beach restaurant saying that it is a good day. >> everybody will get together and have fun. we need more days like this in san francisco court >> maureen kelly, kron 4. >> the official number from bart. rider ship got to in new record. 319,000.
for joining us. steve paulson is here with the forecast and again i ask you because we are -- people will worry about the fog seeing the blue angels. >> we had that big cool down started on thursday. it continues today. there is a lot of low clouds and high clouds over us. mostly cloudy pattern. it might play into our weather late sunday into monday. todays highs 60s and 70s. >>> right now westbound highway 4 looks pretty good. it is a little crowded as you come in through the bay point area. also slow traffic building up in pleasant hill. westbound 24 as you drive past lafayette and oakland it's a nice drive. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news san francisco is bracing for big crowds this weekend. more than a million people are expected to fill the streets were several high profile events. that includes the america's cup world series. the giants playoffs, fleet week, and the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. we have team coverage this morning to cover everything you need to know to plan ahead if you are going to visit the city. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge has
and work with us to help take care of my grandmother. this person was part of our family and this person was someone who was actually crit tal to maintaining her health. but in a work environment, you need to make sure that the rules are clear. so that legislation, tried to create rules in a work environment for some information and they had protection and they could have breaks and they could have all of the protections that we have when we go to work. >> i think this we are a country that is founded on immigrants and i think that actually my ancestors, many people in the audience have been and they came from around the world and across the world. started in new lifes themselves. so, i just support completely the important role that immigrants have and i think that clearly, that there should be a path to citizenship and that there should be a great respect in many ways for all of the things that they do. >> state proposition, 35, asks if the definition of human trafficking should be expanded and the penalties for the traffickers be increased and be registered for sex offenders and train
with us. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. first up our weather forecast. meteorologist lisa argen is in. >>> wait until you see the seven day outlook we've got everything. right now clear in fact the winds are calm and temperatures are in the mid 50s cool except if you are towards the delta 67 in fairfield. 57 mountain view, warmer day today, we've been talking about it all week upper 60s to mid 70s coast mid 80s bay with low 90s inland and it stop there another hot day on the way. >>> good morning. napa county north 29 on-ramp to 221 shutdown with injury accident. crews on scene. otherwise, a lot of roadwork through marin from san rafael south towards the waldo on to the golden gate bridge one lane to the north span also northbound direction too roadwork there. full san mateo bridge closure starting 10 p.m. friday to 5 a.m. monday you want to use dumbarton, dart or the bay bridge. >>> big bow to oracle's america's cup -- big blow to oracle's america's cup racing team. katie marzullo is live what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest from oracle is that the crew and the boat, wha
time. one tow which some people would like us to return. here's a guy himself, that's actually a light bounce off of fdr roosevelt. this was his chakra. this was march 4th, 1933. he made the statement and he made it, i didn't understand a long time. the point i was making, people were terrified. because it seemed like the economy had no bottom and the banks were going down and there was no federal deposit dollars. so imagine a time when we actually had a president who told us we should be courageous rather than trafficked in fear. to his own advantage. there's been a long war on the new deal. it was when roosevelt got started. almost immediately, the more than great realized the lengths he was willing to go. at the beginning, roosevelt didn't understand how far he was going to go. the dupont family and the ones that set up the american liberty league. that was successful because they have unlimited amounts of money. there were so popular, they were not able to stop it. they began to finance right-wing think tanks. they have been successful to the university of chicago economics departm
and help us out of this thing and help our teachers, police, firefighters be able to stay on the job. but when i did that and embrace the president at that time, maybe the president of the united states. and the way my mother and father raised by three sisters and myself was that you respect others, does she do unto others, particularly, by the way, if that person happens to be the president of the united states of america. [applause] and the notion that some in my former party was so disdain not active decency. i can understand political ramifications and not think about it that way. that being nice to somebody like that and been decent in being chastised for it is exactly what we need to stop doing. governor ridge said we have to respect each other. you don't have to agree. that's okay. and senator mccain mentioned earlier with ronald reagan and tip o neill, they probably didn't agree on much of anything, yet they were able to have an affable relationship and be decent to one another and not tear each other down in the process. we have to get back to that and keep talking about thi
prices in the u.s. an average of $4.49 per gallon for regular. nowhere near the national average of $3.79. it costs casey brewer nearly $100 to fill up his truck and he has 14 in his company fleet. >> it is tough and it's shocking to see it go up so much and other states not quite nearly as much. >> gas soared 66 cents in four days. and its owner is paying $20,000 more to rebuild his 8,000 gallon tank. >> it's been killing everybody. it's going to kill the business. >> some stations ran out of gas and shut down. caused by the fire in august and maintenance. and exxon mobile had a power failure is back online. >> it's interesting. >> the california energy commission says it is monitoring the supply. >> there is ample supply of gasoline to meet consumer demand. >> the state uses a special summer blend of fuel. it reduces smog emissions in the summertime. most is refined in california. some relief could come if they approved switching to the winter bland fuel earlier than october 31. some drivers, it doesn't matter. >> we should pay high gas prices, which of course is better form
nor life should be wasted. >> we've still got a lot of good years in us and we can help a lot of people and that's the main thing we're doing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. with just 33 days to go, the presidential election is suddenly looking a whole lot different than it did 24 hours ago. republican challenger mitt romney did what he had to do in the first debate to turn his campaign around. have a look at our poll of uncommitted voters. voters who told us before the debate they had not made up their minds or could still change them. after watching the debate, 46% said governor romney won. less than half that thereby, 22%, said president obama won. 32% called it a tie. and look at this-- before the debate, only 30% of uncommitted voters said governor romney cares about their needs and problems. after the debate, that number more than doubled to 63%. on that same question, mr. obama's number went up as well, from 53% to 69. that was small consolation, though for a president whose debate performance has s
. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. let's check your weather and traffic, steve is here and you can smile about our weather, right? >> i would rather be on the coast, though. >> and now that the sunrise is here, it is bad, really, really bad, catastrophic for some and livermore is the only one that is clear and there is a dense fog advisory out until 9:00 and it includes everybody on the coast and bay. highs today 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> traffic on highway 4, that has moved along, south of mt. diablo watch for a motorcycle accident, let's go back to the desk. >>> and they are looking for that deadly situation caused by huricane sandy and as many as 3,000 are being evacuated from bergen new jersey. now they are saying a bermuda overflowed and people have climbed on to their rooftops trying to get away from floodwaters. look as it on as you -- houses away from the jersey shore. they have caed them to be put on alert and this is not causing a public safety risk right now. then there is new york city especially hit hard by the big storm. hurricane force winds
how to get there by using public transportation. we have that map telling you where to go and you can get around that way. not only that, but if you do have to drive, and that's if you do have to drive, the waze traffic app can guide you around san francisco, get you around the traffic and get you where you want to go. slash waze. new this morning, the anti-war protest also going to draw a crowd for a rally. it's on powell and market streets. it starts at noon. from there they will mark to grand hyatt hotel. >> there was a shooting late last night. 21-year-old christopher baker was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds when they arrived shortly before 1:30 last night. one was pronounced dead at the scene. >> one person dead and another recovering after a shooting in east oakland. police placed at least two dozen evidence markers on birch street to mark the shell casings that were found there. no arrests have been made. it happened shortly after 9:00 last night. carlos vazquez told us it was his wife who first her the gunshots and told everyone to get down. no one was hur
wallace on fox news sunday grilling obama advisor david axelrod. >> this is the first u.s. ambassador that's been killed since 1979, susan rice came on this show and five others and gave the american people a story that turned out not to be true and you're saying that we shouldn't discuss this? that we should wait and for the investigation to be completed? >> no, no. >> that's what you just said. >> chris, calm down that's obviously not what i'm saying. stuart: well, we'll find out tomorrow night and find out how the president responds to the libyan murder. a cascade of developments putting the administration again on defense, but his campaign says the president will be more aggressive in his next debate tomorrow night. what do you think? check us out, follow us on facebook, we want to know what you think about this upcoming debate. next subject, yesterday austrian felix baumgartner became the first sky diver faster than the speed of sound. and he says that he didn't feel the sonic boom, but again, the air is very thin that high up. this is a financial program, so let's not forget the big
. but the election 12 days away, president obama was out hawking his new plan to its use the economy. since it is only a 20-page pamphlet it is hard to keep track of. >> my plan. [laughter] i found my plan. here is. gerri: no surprise there. no plan. if it is obama's last-minute ploy to distract voters that he has dropped the ball on the economy. obama can count on one of them and that is his own. the president voting early in his hometown of chicago the first time ever for a sitting president. my next guest is making sure he is not sitting in the white house for long. joining me now, former governor of new hampshire and senior adviser to the romney campaign. good to have you here, governor. appreciate your time. if the stock about the economy. i'm sorry? >> happy thursday. gerri: said the thursday to you as well. let's talk about the economy. i read this plan, and four of the president's top five points are points that governor romney made in his five. plant. it almost picks up the language verbatim. why should we believe the president is committed to this plan when the economy, we have se
using a gun. recently, "american greed: the fugitives" spoke with barksdale from a federal prison, where he said he always knew how the scam would end up. barksdale gets nearly 11 years in prison, but prosecutors say, in truth, jackson was the brains behind the scheme, and is facing a sentence that fits her role as the scam's alleged leader. >> neisha jackson was looking at some years. there's no doubt about it. >> narrator: matthew segal is an assistant u.s. attorney in sacramento who prosecuted barksdale. in october 2011, he's back in court, ready to put this massive case to bed. >> there we are in the morning, and it's time for neisha jackson, actually, to be sentenced. her lawyer's there, and i'm there. the judge is there. but no jackson. >> narrator: as time passes, jackson's lawyer says she's gotten a phone call from her client. jackson says she's not there because she's in the hospital. segal isn't buying it. >> given that the entire nature of this case was using the phones for fraud, i only would have been comfortable if i had seen jackson right in front of me. >> narrator: his d
the celebration a little too far. ktvu viewer sent us this video of a nummi bus that was set on fire. it happened on third and market street. seven people were on the bus at the time, no one was hurt. but the fire did cause serious damage to the $700,000 bus which nummi says just recently under went a $3,400,000 make over. and several fires were started. a massive group of fans started outside of at&t park. in all police tell us they made 35 arrests, 22 were felonies including charges of aggravated assault and possessing a weapon. most of those arrests were made in the mission district, today business owners had to clean up debris and deal with an explosion of graffiti. >> this is the wall of a popeyes restaurant. and neighbors say they are concerned that there might be a repeat of the vandalism on wednesday when the city hosts the parade for the giants. >> reporter: people started bomb fires along mission and valencia street about 90 minutes after the celebration started. >> just a joy, climb on the post. >> reporter: the business owners continued the clean up. but a sense of hopelessness contin
partners helped us out of a very deep hole and continue to help keep us afloat and offer services to our students. i think another thing nancy wamack could maybe refresh us on is maybe that if the november ballot measures do not pass, we the governor has talked about additional school days cut. nancy, would you like to elaborate on that number, please? >> sure, commissioner. in the final version of the budget they changed the particular item to allow for an additional 15 days per year that could be cut rather than across 15 days the cross two years in january and may is version. state is now allowing up to 20 days per year to be cut from the school and from the school year, which is obviously atrocious. >> right. that would mean one month of school not being in session. this is really the state recommendation on how we should balance our budget is cut one month of instructions. that is just crazy and inexcusable. but i want to speak a little bit about what extra funds might do for our students, it's projected in 2014, 20% of students will not be graduating. they are on track now 20% not
to double down on the policies that got us into this mess? >>> find out who came out the winner in the overnight polls. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> let's check weather, steve is here, you will notice the difference the minute you walk out side. >> we still had some 90s but the coast, much of the bay cooled down. everybody did. if you are going out, there will be a lot of low clouds, upper temperatures are in the upper 50s and 60s and it will take us all the way inland, here is sal. >>> traffic is coming in through san rafael and it looks good through the 580 interchange. and it is looking good over the high-rise and over to 101 and we have those bart problems and we have a reporter on the scene. let's go to dave and pam. >>> if you ride bart, you may possibly be late for work, for school or if you are heading for fso, all level savage -- alex savage has more on the delays, what is going on, alex? >> reporter: the problem was one of the those maintenance trucks became disabled and it is just south between mcarthur and 19th avenue. that truck has since been cleared
will tell you what neighbors are telling us. >> i will eliminate all programs by this test, if they don't pass it, it is so critical today have to borrow from china. >> he is going to have a busy day. >> find out who came out the winner in the poll. >> police in one city could be on the brink of a drastic change. mornings on two begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell, thursday, october 4th. we begin with developing news on the morning commute. bart has been experiencing major system-wide delays to the past two hours. ktvu's alex savidge is live there with developments. >> reporter: good morning, yes, this was a stalled work vehicle that had triggered delays earlier on. but that problem has been taken care of. we did just get word from bart a couple of minutes ago that all of their trains this morning are now running on time. earlier on the delays were significant. show you video of what it looks like here with video. a bart spokesman told us they
, but luke mccann at the county office of education, told us deputies have been interviewing students and parents at various schools for the past two weeks. >> it's in the middle schools and primarily seventh and eighth graders. we're talking about girls that are entering puberty, 13, 14 years old. >> reporter: high school students tell me sexting has been around for years, but this time parents are concerned because they have heard some of the photos are being sold. >> it's child pornography. >> reporter: parents are being asked to talk to their kids and filter the content that keeps coming at them. >> it's part of this age we're living in, where everybody is involved in computer things and we don't have any control over it. as a parent, you can try to stop it, but it's kind of impossible. >> reporter: teachers and parents have already participated in a workshop designed to teach about safety in the digital world. another program is being offered on october 17th. reporting live in mill valley, patty lee, ktvu channel 2news. >>> and coming up at 6:15, new details on the case of a teac
at that game in st. louis. he has -- joins us now with the latest. wayne? >> hello. welcome to st. louis. you know that expression if you don't like the weather stick around, it will change? take a look at the stadium. this is the rain storm. it has changed. 20 minutes ago a rain delay in the bottom of the 7th. earlier, we took a look inside of the stadium. let's begin with a giants fan who came from san jose. >> no way i was going to let 2000 miles come between me and playoff games. >> here is his reward. it's charming and intermim in an intimate way. the color here is red. from the bricks, to the seats to the fans, too. all red until giants came out for batting practice in a light drizzle. including kbrin wilson looking game ready despite still recovering from surgery. there is marco scutero appearing despite soreness after monday night's controversial slide behind second base. among fans there are a few from san francisco. they're transplants from the mid west. in the case of jake whitly from tennessee. don't let the beard fool you. he's nine years old and it's fake. >> he loves ryan wilso
of getting the field ready, including last night's downpour. we begin with david davis telling us even though the world series will bring in alot of fun for the city, there is a bigger benefit. >> reporter: san francisco businesses are hoping for a big win as well. fans are not the only one excited about this. at $16 the special of the week at san francisco's prospect restaurant, a slow cooked each, nestled in italian black rice. the colors of the san francisco giants. >> i think we will call it the homerun. >> reporter: san francisco businesses hoping for a financial grand slam with the world series start on wednesday. the city is coming off one of the strongest summers for tourism in years. the games are said to add to the wind fall. >> we are excited about this. >> >> reporter: the city's 34,000 rooms are filling up. >> they are coming from across the country. regionally, we saw in 2010, that people come from other areas around the bay area and actually stay in the city and enjoy the game. >> >> reporter: hard numbers are not available for how much the series netted in the 2010 series. we
's sectarian war. >> the memories of what happened in bosnia should be sufficiently fresh to warn us all of the danger of allowing syria to descend into all that sectarian conflict. thousands and thousands of men, women, and children have already been killed, injured, tortured, displaced. it should not take something as drastic [indiscernible] to shake the world into taking serious action to stop this kind of conflict. by remaining divided, the international committee is enabling continuation of the suffering and helping create the circumstances for a wider regional conflict. >> the ca is urging to back a major expansion of armed drones used for attacks overseas. the washington bus reports the cia has asked for permission to expand its fleet by as many as 10 drones on top of the roughly 35 in its possession. the move would continue the agency's shift from intelligence activities to operating as a fall on paramilitary wing of the u.s. government. if approved, the proposal would expand the ca's capability to wage drone attacks in pakistan and yemen while also allowing it to shift focus to
, sir, so, let me call it an act of terror and we'll use the words. >> can you say that louder? >> he did call it an act of terror, it did as well take, it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape to come out, you're correct about that. stuart: all right, now after the debate. candy crowley the moderator had to clarify saying that romney was quote, right in the main, but used the wrong word because the president did in fact say acts of terror on september the 12th, got it. moving onto the other big issue of the night. oil drilling because that discuss got contentious. >> in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal lands and federal water in half. >> not true. >> how much did you cut them by. >> we produced more-- >> no, how much did you cut licenses on federal lands and federal waters. >> here is what we did, a whole bunch of oil companies. >> i had a question and how much did did you cut them about by. >> i'm happy to answer the question, on drilling permits, the number there of, the president never did giv
to vote for them. had to our facebook fan page and " like " us and we will read your comments. >> of course the presidential election is just one of many choices on the november ballot. each education measure are flooding the airwaves to dan kerman has more. >> announcer >> for our students the california announcer is yes. >> prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to or schools. >> it will stop the cut. >> it is spending billions of dollars street or schools. a >>reporter: to listen to these for and against it is to fill your head with conflicting yet similar assertions. creating confusion. >> they're both designed to put money into education. >>reporter: patrick murphy says that there are distinct differences between the two. proposition 30 ise governor an'' unions called for a quarter cent sales tax for four years. it raises the income tax for those earning $250,000 per year or more for seven years. however, the other is backed by the parent teacher association would raise the income tax for most people in california for 12 years. that is one distinct difference. >> the to
is on. >> it's our style and we play a lot of close games. and these guys are used to it. >> they are used to it. looking forward to getting on the road. they play well on the road. the stats work in their favor. if you look at the team, 14 of the last 15 went on to win it all. that includes the 2010 giants. game 3 tomorrow night in detroit. but first players have to get here. we have seen a couple of people come through here with their rolling luggage. players are supposed to be here by 8:00 and in the air by 10:00. live here in at&t park, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >>> a triple amputee war veteran threw out the first pitch. he lost his arm and other limbs. the corporal has benefited from the strikeout for troops program where pipers donate to troops. >>> remember bryan stow? he was severely beaten at dodger's stadium parking lot last year. the giants raised more than $70,000 for him and more fund- raisers are planned for this winter. he's been able to keep his sense of humor. you can watch the world series here. our coverage begins at 4:
. how police tracked the suspects down overnight. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate below 8%, for the first time in almost four years. how the presidential candidates are reacting. mornings on 2 begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i'm dave clark. >> i'm torey campbell. it's friday, october 5th. talk about a busy weekend. more than a million people are expected to pack the streets of san francisco because there is a ton of events going on. tara moriarty begins the coverage in san francisco to let us know what the city is doing to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. >> reporter: we are at the america's cup official store. if you look here to your right, you can see one northbound lane there, will be shutdown this weekend between the ferry building and bay street to allow emergency vehicles access to the hub of all of the activities. around 6:30 this morning, a military convey, led by police came through in preparation for fleet week. today is also the quarter finals for americas cup with races scheduled this weekend. estimated to draw 40,000 people to the ba
of a hazmat situation. a man killed himself using poison gas. it happened in an apartment at powell and columbus about 7:30 tonight. this is a live look at the scene right now. as a precaution police evacuated 15 people from the building and several other buildings nearby. the red cross is on the scene. in the last hour police did let some people back into their homes on the opposite side of the street. >>> our other big story, the traffic mess around the bay area as drivers work around the san mateo bridge closure. roads backed up for miles and drivers sitting in traffic for hours. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll mass a. -- plaza. moving pretty smoothly right now but that's not how it was today. >> traffic is moving normally for a saturday night here at this bay bridge toll plaza. if you were traveling on any one of the bay area's bridges or freeways, you know how closing one bridge can affect traffic everywhere. >> this bridge was closed for repairs and this what drivers would have wished for. what drivers got instead was this. traffic snarled and moving at a crawl on hi
with jerry brown on california's budget crunch. thank you for joining us this morning. it is sunday, october 28th. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. the governor sat down with us this week. we will show you highlights on his proposition 30, the tax plan hanging in the balance. >> and an in-depth conversation with senator diane feinstein up for re-election right now. we also had a big earthquake overnight off the coast of canada that we are following, as well. >> and in other new, hurricane sandy is moving up the eastern seaboard with the outer bands bashing the islands of north carolina. >> and the governor of new york is ordering a halt to all public transit is in new york city tonight at 7:00. the storm could affect more than 50 million people. the bridges and tunnels will also be shut down. susan mcginnis is live on the coast of delaware and susan. the winds have looked to have picked up in just the last hour. >> reporter: it certainly has ann and phil. the winds have picked up over the past several hours. we have been out here for nine hours and the intensity is increasing. t
nominee former governor george allen joins us live for an extended interview. >> and a popular energy drink. many that -- one that many may buy every day. the feds are stepping in to investigate the monster brand and the amount of caffeine. fox 5 news at 7 starts right now. >>> a live look outside. not a bad start to the day. rather chilly but we'rent ising up for a flash back -- we're setting up for a flashback of sorts. this is tuesday, october 23rd, 2012. i'm tony parkins. >> i'm allison see mere. thank you for being with us this morning. >> indeed. tucker is standing by and it's going to be a warm, nice day. hey, tucker in. >> and good morning, everybody. expecting high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s and get ready to enjoy a beautiful afternoon and waking up with the dry conditions, rain showers to the north and we mentioned if you're watching north, well, well north and west to hagerstown and into southern pennsylvania, you will encounter a few showers that can you see tracking west to east. for the rest of us, we'll be dry and we'll have more cloud cover than y
for work. ♪ gerri: both president obama and candidate mitt romney using today's jobs report to bolster their campaigns. the truth behind those numbers and a $5 gas, already happening in one state. could it happen in yours? welcome to "the willis report." ♪ hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. do you believe the jobs numbers released today? a huge drop in unemployment rates to 7.8%. a look at that. nearly 1 million people entering the workforce in just one month. today, some of the business community calling those numbers completely fake, deliberately distorted to make president obama look good before the election. the obama administration firing back calling such charges ludicrous. what is the real story? joining me now, former white house chief economist and labor department commissioner keith hall, moody's chief economist, john lonski, and carried from call bomb capital management. welcome to you all. very curious. nearly a half percent move in the an employment rate on just 114,000 jobs growth in the month surprising to jack welch, former ceo of ge. here is what he said. >> well, a
pretenses. >> reporter: the state says no can do. >> there is no mechanism right now in state law to have us refund money to the foundation. we have reached out to them. we would like to have a conversation with them about that. we would like to keep that partnership alive. >> they have never tried to reach us and there hasn't been any email contact either. >> reporter: the briggs say the damage is done in trust and money. another $20 million that was pledged is evaporating. >> we had big donors lined up and we don't have them anymore as a result of this fiasco. >> reporter: if they can't get their refunds, the volunteer group wants a memorandum of understanding with the state that their money, the $279,000 they already wrote a check for, can only be used for henry coe state park. that was the presumption that a lot of people, allen, donated their money on. that's where nent the money to -- that's where they want the money to stay and they may need it at some point. >> the state legislature commended this group. where is the state legislature on this if there is no mechanism to refund the mo
tells us that attorneys will now pass for a federal takeover of the oakland police department. >> this has been under court order to implement a laundry list of reforms. >> there is racial profiling. with a proper investigation of complaints the identification of problems with problem officers. they are still not in compliance after nine years. >> the attorney saying that the citizens of open cannot wait any longer. >> people are dying. people are getting injured. officers that need help are not getting taken care of. the department is not getting run properly we cannot stand by and wait for another occupy oakland. >> on thursday, he will file court papers asking a federal judge to appoint a receiver to take control of the oakland police department. >> i would describe him as the enforcer. the compliance in force for him- or her. >> as for is who is to blame? shannon said it is not one person. >> this is a systemic cultural problem that is not being addressed by the city could not being addressed by the city administrator this $6,000 reward is offered for this puppy. >> whoeve
us they're ready to do it again. >> let's go oakland! >> with the way they walked off with a win, a's and fans are trying to do it again tonight. >> after last night there is no way that they can come back. do you know why? we don't quit. we just took it hard last night. >> great fun and excitement. this is oakland needed it. >> bay area fans coming out supporting a's and what we're doing. we're just one of the best stories in baseball. >> and respect oakland baseball, baby. >> not only are hats and shirts flying off the racks but with one game away from a possible championship, ticket sales are picking up for american league championship series. >> this is one of the best seasons ever. we've got greatest manager and coaching staff. greatest team. they're going to do it. >> and again this is a live picture folks starting to line up. they'll let them in in about 30 minutes for this all-important game five. important for folks to know that this is not the only game in town and the only game here tonight. the warriors are playing an exhibition against israeli team tonight. so... good p
, spur of the moment, to make this trip. rain or shine, they tell us they're glad they did. >> we love our giants. go, giants! >> what's it like being in this sea of red? >> it's okay. actually, everybody has been really nice. we're very impressed. >> they need some runs. we're worried about that storm coming in. >> reporter: they're both great teams so it's really exciting to see them battle it out. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: they pulled on their plastic chairs. they were not going to wear the red cardinal ones. but this rain threat has been with us all day, even at batting practice hours ago. the skies were gray, wind was kicking up. the word was that the storm might start at the beginning of the game, but then that kept getting pushed back. so, as you know, we've got about two-plus hours into it. just past the seventh inning stretch, which has become now the seventh inning sleeper here at busch stadium. i was told that in '06 they had a huge downpour here with 80- mile-an-hour winds that tore the tarp, flooded the bay front, and he said within an hour after it stopped, they we
you. >> some kind of tough and always stand up guy with anything he he's been getting it done for us. we were comfortable with him out there on the mound. >> you have to manage your emotions and staying calm and keeping the game slow around you is the biggest thing we tray to do. if you do that off good chance of letting your talent be maximized. >>reporter: nice lid. funny moment in post game news conference there because zito was asked if he was aware of what was going on on twitter today. hash tag zito blowing up on twitter. they asked if he heard bit he said i tried twitter couple years ago and i got crushed and fans were all over him didn't mae make the play off roster. i'm not tweeting. i'm off twitter. you guys enjoy it. >> it was great to see him play so well. he was brilliant. >> great tonight. >> coming back to san francisc francisco. here's the schedule for the giants. game 6 played at at&t park on sunday. at 4:37. and game 7 would be played here monday at 5:07. >>> mean time more disappointing news for fans san jose shark labor dispute drags on in the nationa
robach here with us, who may be the only person who knows who the surprise guest is. >> right. >> i'm keeping my lips sealed right now. >> who is taking times square? >> who is it? >> does he snore? >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we want to get the latest to the white house race. inside a month to go, a new race. national polls show mitt romney getting a real bounce out of the debate win. we'll have the latest on that ahead. >>> also ahead, we'll have the latest on the escalating meningitis outbreak. the number of cases more than doubling over the weekend to 91. dr. besser joining us with what you need to know right now. >>> and we have some big news for one of our family members, sam. [ applause ] many of you know his fantastic news. over the weekend, do you want to tell, or shall i? >> i -- i drks i -- i was -- i got engaged. [ applause ] >> there's the ring. >> thank you. yeah, thank you very much. and the amazing response from folks all over the country was just incredible for us. and i thank you. and we'll talk about that. >> we have a wedding to plan. >> we got a wed
add to that, that we can't just point out that the present system is costing us $9 billion or more than higher ed. but we have to be willing to reform the system and to find ways to save costs. and when you look at an example of the initiative that is three strikes and you are out. that could save a tremendous amount of money. $47,000 a year to keep someone in prison rather than what we are spending on year for education whereas someone is educated and having a job there they are not going to go to jail, it is very unlikely. so i would say that there might be something like determinive sentencing which would allow someone who is drug addiction and you could provide the judge with the discretion to actually have them in treatment rather than costing the tax payers thousands of dollars. so we have to save the seniors the services that they need and we have to be willing to make hard reform. >> now we come to the candidate' closing statements if you are not registered to vote, please do so right away and urge your friends and family to register stao. the deadline is october 22nd. if
don't usually see on the campaign trail. as elizabeth cook shows us, instead of going at each other, president obama and mitt romney went after some laughs. it was kind of nice, liz. >> reporter: on tuesday, sparks were flying on one of the wildest debates we've ever seen. >> hold on a second. >> the -- >> i -- mr. president, i'm still speaking. >> i -- >> mr. president, let me finish. >> reporter: well, tonight the candidates put all that aside and they were actually pretty funny. >> big bird didn't even see it coming. >> just the other day, honey boo boo endorsed me, so that's a big relief. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney took a break from their contentious campaign for a night of laughs, at a new york charity event. they poked fun at themselves. >> usually when i get invited to gatherings like this, it's just to be the designated driver. >> there are worse things that can happen to you on your anniversary than forgetting to buy a gift. take note, gentlemen. >> reporter: and at each other. >> in the spirit of sesame street, the president's remarks are brought to you
people who use a popular trail are being warned. we'll show you the sketch of a man who police say attacked somebody here. >>> plus -- a second body found in the wreckage of a plane that crashed in contra costa county. what witnesses heard moments before the crash. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well well, good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> it's tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 24th. >>> it's time for the world series in the bay area. we're just ten hours away from the first pitch of game one. tara moriarty is live outside of at&t park to describe this morning's final preparations for baseball's fall classic. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. we have good news. the rain has let up. but the wind has picked up. i'm sure this evening it will be cold. so make sure you bundle up. we're here in front of mccovey cove. the crew worked until midnight after monday's game after we got that torrential downpour, and then they were up bright and early with their squeegees pulling the tarp over the field. it's still there. now, both teams had lig
. joining us for the first time, the governator, arnold schwarzenegger will join us on the program. i wonder what that might have sounded light, it might have gone a little something like this. >> taxi? >> i have zero to work on that impression. >> this is the first presidential debate is wednesday, biggest day of the whole year, for editors of podiums magazine. boy. a buying make or break moment for both campaigns and they are going all out preparing. >> president obama and governor mitt romney are preparing for wednesday's debate on in denver. >> msnbc obama's leaving on sunday for two or three days of debate camp. >> oh, debate camp! >> oh i remember going to debate camp, i remember like no sports, a bitter rival, camp normal malfun. >> let's see if i remember the debate camp stopping if i can. ♪ >> on the shores of lake rhetoric, we practiced logical consistency. will beat your ad hominem attacks on false tautologies. and logical falsie. >> not in the face! not in the face! getting your ass kick is actually written into the song! >> so two highly accomplished men to see which one bec
of the organization. >>> there are reports that three u.s. troops and their translator were among 14 people killed today in afghanistan. it happened to the south of coble. a spokesperson said the bomber was driving a motorcycle and ran into afghan police and u.s. troops. a spokesperson says six civilians and four police officers were also killed. nato hasn't confirmed the identities of the troops killed. >>> the first debate is set for wednesday and president obama and mitt romney have been hard at work practicing. mitt romney sent 8 days getting ready for the debate. mitt romney is spending the next two days in colorado. the president is in nevada. he stopped by a campaign office before heading to his practice sessions with john kerry. there are three debates scheduled. >>> ktvu will air the debate wednesda it begins at 6:00 p.m. president obama and mitt romney will answer questions about domestic policy. ktvu channel 2 news will air after that debate. >>> yahoo's ceo has a big job tonight, she is a new mo marissa mayer delivered a ba boy last night. her tweeabouthe re't al the name marimaplto ta
't change anything. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >>reporter: crowd continued to shout down the council for about an hour before city councilman reid handed over his cope of the police report to blue ford parents. there it is in hisrtz hand. late this afternoon the police chief had released the report to the family who is now suing the city. the lawyer burris says the family persistence worked. hear from him tonight at 11 over on channel 7. >>> staying in oakland. police are questioning 3 people tonight after another fatal shooting. the city fifth homicide in less than 24 hours time. it happened this afternoon on the 1500 block of 57th avenue. one man was pronounced dead at the scene and 3 people have been detained for questioning. this morning officers responded to double homicide that was on 72 street near international boulevard. police say 2 men were shot to death while sitting in a van. 2 other men were kill in serate gun aacksastlast nigh nigh > inan mateo tonight precutor link spect in chd molestati casat park si elementary school to an
way is not to use murder. >> reporter: the catholic church is telling its 10 million member congregation in california to stop using the death penalty by voting yes on the proposition 34. if passed more than 725 prisoners would be taken off death row and sentenced to life without parole. former san quentin warden says, getting rid of the death penalty would save the state $130 million per year. >> during my time there almost 100 died of natural causes or suicide. almost 100 others had their sentences overturned after years of appeals. when you think about it, we're spending this money on a handful of individuals who are right over there at san quentin who will likely die at san quentin. and it just makes no sense. >> reporter: she believes that the constant trials and appeals hurt victims' families for a longer period of time. >> some of them asked for the death penalty and came to realize the years of appeal and reading about the offender over and over again in the newspaper was a burden to them. >> reporter: opponents of prop 34 who want to keep the death penalty say it's
locations. 92 in ukiah. this will be with us for another day. as a result rising temperatures and very low humidity and gusty winds. we have a red flag warning for high fire danger warning until 8:00 in the morning for east bay mountains. winds will be out of north gusting to 20-30 miles an hour. relative humidity is winds quite low. but it will diminish the risk a little bit later in the seven-day forecast. >> dan: we're going to turn your attention to a south bay doctor in serious trouble with the law. doctor marvin bonham used to help run the county health insurance for n santa clara county. he left last week. he is accused of supplying drugs to minors and trading prescription drugs for cash, but that may not be all. the story tonight from reporter david louie. >> reporter: this is booking photo of 61-year-old marvin bonham. he was the medical director of the santa clara county medical health plan. he was writing a lot of prescriptions. >> he had prescription drug 29 of primarily oxycontin and oxycodone. >> reporter: investigators say he written present subscriptions for oxycontin for h
. >> you need to appreciate what is ahead of us here tonight. how hard you work for it. how tifl sit to get to this point. you start spring training. it's hard work you're trying to get to post season. now, you know you're playing for the pennent. >> it seems like we, i won't say we like it but seems like guys are playing really well in this situation. just kind of letting it hang out. it seems to be working out well. game three match ups for tonight. there was a rain delay and giants lost. let's hope rain stays away. spencer will have the information coming up. >> clock is ticking if you want to vote. today is the last day to register to vote. election workers will be signing up voters tonight. this time for the first time, you can also register online. so far half a billion have done so. if you'd like to check it out go to abc 7 >> coming up in our next half hour, abc 7 news mark matthews will preview the third and final presidential debate. >> right now police in san francisco arrested a man who sucker punch aid 94-year-old woman in chinatown. officers say the man described as
joins us live from the embarcadero with more on that. hello. >> good morning, terry. this is one of those weekends no matter where you look in san francisco, something is going on. check it out. at&t park, giants versus cincinnati. playoff action tonight. a lot, a lot going on on the embarcadero. and check it out, this is the uss makin island. this is an amphibious assault vessel. nor on that in a moment. but first check out the fireworks display over san francisco last night. just beautiful. celebrating fleet week and those amazing blue angels who put on quite a show yesterday on the waterfront. don't forget about giants playoff action tonight at&t park. 49ers at the stick as well. folks coming in yesterday heeded warnings. they took public transportation. even though it was heading to watch america's cup yacht racing on the bay which starts again today at 1:45. let's talk about that ship. the uss makin island is open for tours. it was the navy's only hybrid electric vessel. agatha and jodi are first in line today to see it. >> it's just a really need opportunity. you don't real
looking for when storming into a home this afternoon. that was s.w.a.t. officers using a nash bang device less than two hours ago. they fwheent a house on 21st street in west oakland. officer dz not find anyone inside of the home. investigators looking for this man. a 27-year-old wanted in a homicide that took place on september 6th. police want to hear from you if you have seen this man. >> an important new sign tonight that the bay area economy sim proving. the median price of houses sold in nine-county area last month rose to $429,000, up 4.6% from august and 17.5% from last year. contra costa county numbers were strong, up 27%. san francisco prices up 21 srs. abc 7 news has our story from oakland. >> the tangled web that is the bay area real estate market sun winding. for those who have been waiting for home prices to inch back up. with median home price now topping $379,000, this realtor says the market is finally picking up. especially for sellers this is very exciting for jerls after many years of them watching their property values go down. >> prices increased because inventory is
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